Monday, October 5, 2009

It's Party Time!

I went a little overboard yesterday, roaming the bloggy world and finding new blogs to get addicted to. In doing so, I came across a lot of great recipes that I wanted to store away until my next meal planning day. But where to keep them?

Well just like I use Willowjak Boys as my place to store my thoughts, memories and use it as a diary of sorts, why not start a new blog to collect recipes that I come across?

I've got a difficult family to feed. Husband says he'll eat anything, but he hates vegetables, stews and soups and really anything else that is considered healthy. Jake might like a meal on Monday, but will claim he hates it the next time it's made; he doesn't like pasta, he's recently gone off meat and he says that asparagus is the only veg he likes. Owen quit eating solid food over a year and a half ago, but we still continue to work on food exposure- mostly fruit purees, nut butters and the odd crunchy bread product. Owen's diet is also casein/gluten/artificial colour-free. Will is the toughest. He is currently on a gluten and artificial dye-free diet. He has self limited his food choices to about 5. There is nothing more frustrating! I will continue to explore new recipes and products and someday I know he'll try something new. Great Grandma is in the house too. She is a diabetic and has a heart condition that requires a strict diet. Shouldn't be a problem, but she only wants the junk. If it's greasy, processed or sweet enough to cause an immediate cavity, she wants it. Me? - I like it all.

The BIGGEST difficulty of all is that there is not another member of this crazy family who will even attempt to make a sandwich or a can of soup, let alone a meal. So I'm the cook. I love cooking, but when it's mandatory with no help, it's not always so enjoyable.

But we love to host parties and they almost always happen in our kitchen. This blog will be an extension of that.

When I steal a recipe (with your permission), I'll give you the deserved credit and will link it back to your blog. Feel free to steal mine as well. Or send me a note with a recipe you want to share. Better yet, drop by Willowjak Boys on Wednesdays and participate in our Willowjak Wednesday Words of Advice 
and post your recipe so that I can then post it in here as well!

I'm excited. And hungry. Let's get this party started!

Get The Party Started - P!NK

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WOOOOHOOOOO!!!! I can't wait!!